Serenity Foundation
Serenity the word means “The quality or state of being serene, clearness and calmness, quietness, stillness, peace”. Established in 2012 and registered as Trust under Indian Trust Act 1882 with registration number E-29254(M)Dt.12/12/2012. Serenity Foundation has been working for the empowerment & welfare of old age people, advancement and propagation of education in small Indian villages.

The core objective of our trust is to establish and run centers for Yoga, Meditation, Naturopathy, Panchkarma, Pravachana, Yagya, Ayurvedic centre, empower the youth and bring awareness for environmental awareness, herbal plantation.

empower the youth and bring awareness for environment and herbal plantation.

Our Activity
  Our Work
Our aim is to provide quality care to our elderly and frail citizens including being treated humanely, with respect, and with dignity.
The key reason for Medical camp is to enroll volunteers for medical help, blood donation, providing free medical help to poor.
Access to quality education is a major challenge today. Serenity Foundation is working towards conducting free education camps.
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